Monday, 30 January 2012

New Fabric and Birthday Quilt

Here is the finished front of the quilt I've made for Jessie's birthday and below is the back of it.

 I also took a trip to Creative Quilting up in Hampton Court as the next quilt I want to make is from the mermaid fabric that I bought from The Malthings. It is lovely fabric but I needed some more plain fabric to compliment the really busy mermaid panel.

I found some pinkish coral fabric that actually co-ordinates with the mermaids. The blue and yellow don't actually match it but co-ordinate nicely.

Also the bottom two I bought just because they were pretty but my colour choices mainly seem to compliment each other nicely so they fit in my stash really nicely. 

I am forever buying fabric and paper crafting things just because they're pretty.


  1. The quilt looks amazing! Well done you.

    I really like the plain fabric to go with the mermaids too. Any idea what your going to do with it?

  2. Not entirely sure, I'm thinking about different designs because obviously the main mermaid fabric needs to be in quite large blocks but the others can be small so I'm planning out a design in my head. Might make a sketch and post it up here to see what you think. :)