Monday, 16 January 2012

The Maltings

Spent all day yesterday in Farnham at The Maltings buying fabric. There was a fantastic exhibition of quilts there which were so inspirational. Here is what I bought while there. 

The first load of fabric from The Malthings. The top two don't really go with anything but I loved them so I bought them. The bottom three all match together and I thought that it would make a lovely neutral baby quilt. 

I fell in love with these. I love the mermaids and the matching fabrics for the mermaid fabric. 

Just to alternate from the bright and pastel pinks and blues that I tend to buy I thought that these brown, green and cream fabrics were beautiful. Planing on making them into a little bag. 

Another load of fabrics that will probably end up made into a bag or something similar. You can probably tell that I love turquoise and pinks in fabrics. They're just so vibrant and eye catching. 

These I already had a few items from the same range in my fabric stash and wanted to get some more so that I could make a nice quilt out of it.I thought that the dotty fabric would be a great next to the really busy, bright fabric. Overall though I thought the colours were fantastic. 

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