Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Epiphany Crafts

I wasn't sure what to make of the new epiphany range that Crafter's Companion were launching but after watching a demonstration on Create and Craft I thought that it was fairly interesting and decided to place an order for one.
I decided on the round 25 as it seemed that that was the one I was most likely to use, though the idea of making my own button embellishments was appealing. The order was placed today and should arrive tomorrow or the day after and I shall post pictures of the finished result.
My crafting has been fairly slow going recently as I am gearing up for my daughters 3rd birthday party (being held in my small flat) meaning all my crafting stuff has had to be temporarily put away to make room for presents and all the toddler party items that seem to take up a lot of space.
After the weekend is over I shall be crafting again in full force (hopefully in a more organised fashion as I intend to fully organise and sort out before it all gets unpacked again).

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