Monday, 6 February 2012

Anna Griffin "Lizzie" fabric quilt

Added the final border and now just looking at backing fabric, thinking something yellow so I can finish it. I really love this fabric, going to see if I have enough left in my stash to make another quilt like this one. If not It'll go into my pile of scraps to be used in one big multicoloured quilt.

Next project has to be the dinosaurs but I need to see how I can best use that to make the most of the design.  I might have to order some extra, plainer fabric that co-ordinates with the dinosaurs as it is very busy fabric with lots of detail to it.


  1. Lovely fabric and nice little quilt. Look forward to seeing it finished!

    1. Not sure about whether I should make it bigger or not, I've got enough fabric but I love it the way it is. Thank you for the bondaweb by the way. I didn't have enough of the yellow fabric in the end but Jessie loved the quilt, takes it with her everywhere.